Human resources are the greatest asset of any service business.

Vincent M Lee & Leo T H Lee

The Tung Tai Group prides itself on its ability to bring together experienced and talented individuals working in synergy to create growth that is carefully engineered.

At the nucleus of the Tung Tai Group of Companies is Vincent M Lee MSc., CPA FHKSA, Chairman, precursor of a new generation of innovative executives. Years of exemplary performance have preceded Vincent's present position at the helm of the Group. As a Certified Public Accountant with extensive training in international management and banking from the United Kingdom and the United States, Vincent has proven his mettle in finance and merchant banking on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Unparalleled service ethics and a penchant for innovation have distinguished his career; these values are the cornerstone of the Group corporate culture and are manifested in its unique hallmark: Innovative Concepts and Service.

The Group's late Chairman Cavaliere Gr Cr, Dr Leo T H Lee , GBM, OBE, Chev Leg d'Hon, Comm Leopold II, LLD, JP, was a well-respected business leader with a legacy of significant contributions to business, culture and community service. During the course of his highly successful career, Dr Lee had become one of the most decorated men in the Pacific Rim with worldwide recognition for his entrepreneurial and philanthropic achievements. Through hard work and vision, the solid foundation he had established over the years gives Tung Tai the stability and confidence needed to meet the challenges of a dynamic world. His wisdom and experience had contributed a lot to the Tung Tai Group of Companies.

The Management Team

The talented leadership at the Tung Tai Group is a unique combination of Hong Kong and overseas managers recruited from around the world for their professional expertise and dedicated commitment to serving their clients' needs. Together, they provide the Group with direction and the impetus for success.

The Staff

Tung Tai's dedicated and professional staff is the lifeblood of the organization, sustaining its day-to-day activities and ensuring the future growth of the Group.

Leo T H Lee
Vincent M Lee
Leo T H Lee

Vincent M Lee

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