Trading Procedures

What should I pay attention to before I start trading ?

You should make sure that the funds and/or securities have been deposited into your internet trading account before you start trading. Since 100% of the trading amount is required in your account prior to placing a purchase order. Also, the securities to be sold must be held in the account, without restriction, prior to placing the sell order.

How to conduct securities trading ?

  • After you login and enter our iTrader internet trading screen, simply key in the stock no. and then you may see the real time stock quotes, broker queues and relevant news.
  • For placing order, you may click the bid-ask volume and then information including stock no., price and quantity will be duplicated to the order entry column.
  • The Confirmation box will pop up automatically after order entry, showing the necessary fees and charges.
  • If the order is correct, click Send to confirm and the order will be sent to the trading system directly.

How can I be sure that the order has been sent to the trading system ?

After placing an order, all transaction details will be displayed in the order book, including order reference no., stock no., buy/sell, price, status, quantity, order time, currency and order via.

How do I know the status of the order ?

You may click on the "Order History" and select the time range, the corresponding order history will be displayed in the order book.

You may also click on the "Portfolio" to display details including stock no., price, current price, shares and current value. You can click the "Refresh Button" to update your real time portfolio details.

What statements will I receive ?

There are 2 types of statement you will receive :-

  • Bought/Sold Note Confirmation & Daily Statement

These will be sent to you by mail on the next trading day.

  • Monthly Statement

All clients who have any trading activities or maintain a balance or stock position during the month will receive a monthly statement by mail.

If you have any query or require any assistance, please dial our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2179 5058.

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